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About Us


Nivetha Enterprises

management has 29 years of experience, which has facilitated the company's understanding of the worldwide market dynamics and providing electroplating solutions accordingly.

Electroplating is the coating of one metal on another by applying electricity in order to secure an improved appearance, resistance to corrosion and/or prevent rusting. This is usually carried out under an appropriate and suitable condition. There is tremendous market demand for electroplaters, electroplating solutions, especially in soldering, which is an important process in the manufacturing of modern hi-tech products like as ( Automobile industries,Terminal, Holder). We also deal with (Locks, Clips, Handle, Holder, Reflectors, Coil), Surgical Industries, Metal Finishes.

In a strategic move by the founders to tap these increasing market demands in India and overseas, Nivetha Enterprises was established in 1989 as a reliable service provider. The company is a leading electroplating service/solution provider, principally engaged in the business of providing innovative electroplating solutions with specialization in the metal electroplating, electroplating of nickel, gold, tin, brass, silver, trivalent zinc, decorative & hard chrome to meet the needs of a host of industries. We are an affiliated member of the prestigious Small Scale Industry (SSI).

Our Vision

The Vision of Nivetha Enterprises is to lead a successful, focused, organized and highly productive team of valued employees. We seek to build positive relationships between our caring employees and our loyal customers by providing quick turnaround, on time delivery, excellent quality, and high volume processing resulting in lasting customer satisfaction.

Our Core Beliefs

We at Nivetha Enterprises, believe in growth and expansion, provided it is not obtained at the expense of our integrity. Steady growth not only enriches the lives of employees and the partners but also increases our technical expertise which allows us to bring the best electroplating services for our customers.

Why Us

We are one of the leading service providers in the metal finishing industry. Our electroplating services have achieved a huge position in automobile, electrical and electronic industries. We have our own state-of-the-art infrastructure, Team of professionals such as Chemical experts, Electroplating experts, Technicians, Chemical engineers, Quality auditors, Sales and marketing professionals, well equipped and spacious warehousing unit

  • Optimum Quality Products
  • Reliable services
  • Customized Solution
  • Timely delivery
  • Value for money
  • Easy payment mode